Mixing Class 101

Location at the Locasta Resort. Tonight I'm mixing a 12 piece band. Also they have sheet music. Accomplished singers and musicians. Wow! Check this out. My mic mix just for you.

Mics sm57's and sm8's:
Kick, snare, hi-hat, 1tom, 2tom, floor tom, 2 over head, bass, Guitar, keys1 and keys2, tromp1, tromp2 and sax, vocal 1-2-3-4. So far so good. Dinner music is laid back in cut . Brazilian Style! low light and lots of smoke.

Light situation is kool:
2 trees with 8 can
1 bump switch
Intelligent lights
One Hog 1000
"JAND"And don't forget the power 6 X 20 circuits

I can't wait to turn it up. You will be surprize to know I'm mixing with an Allen&Heath mixwizard3 16:2. It gets the job done. And I have 2 monitor mixes. Front stage vocal monitor mix and back stage vocal monitor mix with alittle bass, guitar, keys and etc. Sometime the brass section want to be in the mix. For me to do that, I charge, sometimes, so I put tip jar right beside me if they want to be in the mix. LOL. I got to go. The rock set is on.


Chris Swann