AV 101


This week I'm at Orange County Fair Grounds. The client I'm working with is Nissan. I love there cars.

Ok, let talk Tech. We have a 16' x 9' screen. It's a good size and it' dressed out nice. We have 2 Barco CLM R10+ Projectors. One for Primary and the other for backup. In technology we have gremlins and they are nasty buggers. LOL. And don't forget 100' RGBHV cables. We carry lot's of cable. Then we have a DA 1 x 2. The DA takes 1 video input signal then turns it into 2 video output signals. What's nice on this show is the EXTRON USP 405. It's a swtcher that has a freeze frame button. When you are doing your powerpoint presentation, you switch on the freeze fame, the frame freezes on the screen, then you make your changes on the powerpoint, unfreeze and you back to pp on the screen.. Oh yea, we have PC1 and PC2, they are wire into the switcher VGA or RGBHV. The PC's provide video footage and pp. This is for the video techieees!

Now audio
I will start with the speakers. We have a total of 4 JBL's. 2 JBL EONs house left and 2 JBL EONs house right. I wired the system mono, next time I will do stereo because of the cool music that we're playing. Then we have 2 Yamaha Q2031B 31 band EQ, Letf and Right. You can really dig out those freq's. And we have 166XL compresser/limiter/Gate. Keep it tight! We call all these devises, outboard gear.

Ok! Are you ready! Here we go! The mixer! Spirit Folio 16 x 2. Our inputs are 1 lav, 1 handheld mic, pc 1 and pc 2, dvd, 1 applause meter mic, lap L, lap R, cd player for walk-in and walk-out music, abd backup dvd. So we are taken up 10 channels. Let's talk about the Master or Main faders or house faders. I'm using left master fader for house speakers (that's how I get my mono signal) and the master right fader for monitors. We have 2 Anchor AN-130 at our control booth. There several ways to wire up this mixer and mixer from all over the world. Remeber this is just one way to wire this mixer.

I have some good news for you up and coming techies, we have a new wireless mic system. We are using 5 Shure UR4S wireless receiver with audio reference companding. Go online and check it out. But what's cool about this unit is "no more searching for freq's, infared freq's finder and some other stuff that will blow your mind". Please check it out on the web.

And it comes with lav and a hh mic. And it sounds good. Yesaaa! Don forget power. I'm using 2 furman PL-Plus Power Condition. Ok, this is where I get off. I got do a show. Don't forget to check in.

Chris Swann
Swann Concepts