Recording News


There is a new world out here and everything is "Digital". Let's start with the Digital Workstation. Musician Audio Workstation, strictly does audio recording. You cannot surf the web, you cannot do power point, and don't even try to play video games. This might sound like an out dated recording tool. But one thing I must bring to your attention, this box rocks and it only does audio recordings. That's a good thing. It helps you stay focus. Specially when you are just beginning to learn the fundamentals of recording or working on a big project. When you are composing music you have to record it on tape or a hard drive, audio to digital. Get on it! IPOD, MP3 Players, etc...

If you are serious about your craft. Take class and learn the theory behind music and recording. I did! It's helpful. Hang out at the studio's and leave the beer and cigs at home. I don't want you to become substance abuser, before you create your first hit. Stay focus and keep writing.

Back to the audio machine. One of my favorite workstation is......... Drum Roll Please Please! Dit, dit, dat, dit, tic, tat,snap, tap tik, tik! Pull back the curtains. Here it is the Roland VS880 EX. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This machine is off the chain. I have heard beautiful music produced, composed, edited, mastered on this box. I like this box. You can put down your musical ideas. Especially if you are a musician. That means, you play an instrument from the Renaissance age. That means an instrument that originally made by hand. VS880 really helped me with my music and ability to write an album and to copyright it with the US Copyright Office. My place of birth, District of Columbia.

The Roland VS880 or V Studio's has a learning curve as well. So, put on your thinking cap and get to reading. This box can record, play back, locate, 2 effects channel, eq, virtual tracks, master mixes, etc....there are so many things going on in this box. "IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. "I think I'm in the Matrix". It will make your head explode. Be careful. Patience, little one! Stick with it. And the art will find you.

One of my friends bought one for $100.00. He was stoked! He dove all in it and he's having lots of fun. Also, he purchased mics, cables, stands. He has a full on studio. On the flip side, another friend of mine bought one for $300.00 and gave up, he said his head was hurting. He was so frustrated he gave it away. I wish he gave it to me. I would have linked the VS880's together. And went to town. When you link them together that will give you more power more tracks, more mixes, more fun. Just to see the 2 devices synced together is an awesome event to experience. Wow! I'm losing it right now. I'll calm down! The VS880 is a wonderful little box, that pack a mighty punch. So there it is.
Talk to you later

Chris swann