Is your TV ready for the switch

Techies and Friends,

It's been busy over here. I've been on the road mixing and recording. My clients are keeping me very busy. And I had some opportunities to operate some new awesome equipment. Yamaha PM5D! I'll tell you about it next month.

On the other note! Did you know that digital is taking over this country. On February 17th 2009, television stations across the United States will switch to digital broadcasting. So throw away your antenna', rabbit ears, aluminum foil. It's time to step it up! Go Digital! By law, all American stations are switching from analog to digital. Digital is cleaner, great sound, and you get all those TV channels and music . Digital can carry a lot stuff. Maybe one day we can get smells out of our TV Sets as well. Embrace it!

So please get a upgrade or make sure your television has a built in digital tuner, or get a digital converter box to receive your broadcast television. You don't want to miss out! Call your local station or send me an email. So get ready for the switch, February 17th, 2009.