Audio 101

Today is going as plan. I'm in Irvine CA, running sound. This job is a critical audio engineering job. Last year was a big mess, distorted sound, signal dropping, recording was horrible, speakers where blown. Looks like a job for Super Geek! Here we go.

When I walk into the room the ladies all pulsed and laughed. It's Super Geek! LOL. The room is very big, 60 yards X 50 yards. A lot of natural reverb is in this room. Sounds are bouncing everywhere. I forgot to tell you that there is an airport across the street and this event is with an antenna development company. Antenna's surrounds us. 2 way antennas and 3 way antennas. Powerful stuff. You can feel frequencies hitting your face. And there are TV stations and radio stations around us.

Do you get the logiest of what I'm dealing with.

I'm going to be channel surfing and finding frequency's. No problem. I'm using UR4S, they can find any frequency in this area. This is what I'm going to do. First, I will set-up! I'm working with a Mackie, Onyx 1640 Premium Analog Mixer, Yamaha Q2031B, Klark Teknik DN410 Parametric EQ, Shure UR 4S and 3 X Wireless Lav and HandHeld, Sony CD Player CDP-C265, MP3 Player, 100ft snake, 2 X JBL EON 15, 2 X Pod Mic.. I can work this set-up! I just need another set of speakers for delay, because of the length of the room.

There are 250 plus people here. I will wire the system in stereo because of the video clips and the music. You don't know what's going on in the music mix. Sounds are coming from the left and the right. And there is nothing wrong with mono set-up. Oh yea, the stage is placed in the corner of the hall, so house left has more tables and chairs. So, I will give house left speaker more gas. Stereo it is! I still can do mono. You make the call!

Guess what, the mixing area or my command center is FOH (front of house). My perspective for mixing should be on point. It' going to be a party in here! The JBL's are going to be screaming. The JBL speakers have a function where you can set the switch for line level or mic level. On mic level there is more gain. I will leave it on line level. As of know the speakers are wire to the snakes output A and B, A for left speaker, B for right speaker. Connect the inputs of the snake into the mixers input. Podium mics are on channels 1 and 2, wireless systems are on channels 3, 4 and 5, computer audio on channel 6 and 7, laptop on channel 7 and 8, cd player on channel 9 and 10, mp3 on channel 11 ann 12 and VOG (Voice of God). And Everything that is on the board that needs to be in stereo is pan hard left and hard right. I forgot something. We must wire the Eq system in series. Mixer to Eq, Eq to speakers. That's going to help me to Eq the room. Find those unwanted frequencies! I love it. And I have a parametric EQ and I will wire this device as a loop or Aux 1. Just in case the wireless mics sounds awful. I can use the Parametric EQ to clean up the sound.

On the mixer make sure your gain structure is set properly. There is not much head room on this board. Stay away from distortion. Guitar players can have it. Audio Engineers can do with out it. I do not recommend this type of mixer on this type of event. I need more gas. Unless I set the JBL speakers to mic level mode. You figure it out! Remember when doing audio, be discreet as possible, without squealing like a pig. Be a Pro, clients love it.

See ya soon