Power Point


I'm glad to be here! I'm going to get right to it.

Presenters, they are so lucky. Meaning someone showing, sharing and telling informative organized information to collected individuals or a person in a setting. Presenters need two tools to get there point across.

One is powerpoint software by Windows XP and second a wireless transport pointer that advances the scene.

In todays society white boards are almost instinct. Who uses a white board? Engineers of course! It's Qiuck and Dirty and Easy. So, white boards still have there uses.

When a presenter want to make a powerful impact on individuals. One must use PPXP. PPXP made it easy for you to insert texts, pictures, graphics, movie clips etc... Powerpoint is a fun tool and don't forget you can paste youtube video on your pages. Practice. Try this, do a family slide show. Collect all your family pictures. Start inserting pictures in your presentation and place sub-titles under or on top of pictures. Add music, narration to give your presentation life.

Produce the heck out of it and become the next Bill Gates.

PS: use your pointer to start and stop your presentation.

Thank you