Audio 101


I'm having a good day. I've been on location for 4 days at the Marriott in San Diego and the weather is sunny and warm. Ok, I'm doing sound in the main ball room. Here is my equipment list. Not much gear! It will do. Check it out?

Powered Mackie Speakers
MG24/14 FX Yamaha
EQ rack
Shure Wireless UR4DEW
300 SennheiserPodium mic
Speaker stands

This sounds like a small show but the rooms are for sets 500 people. And they are very loud. I can use some delayed speakers. Maybe next time. Delayed speaker do help. It fills the room with sound. The people sitting on the back row will hear. And there ears will be ringing like mine. LOL. That's it for me. So remember, keep your EARS clean and Say No Noise.

Chris Swann