Cell Phone

This is cool!
T-mobile came out today with a new Google-powered G1 mobile phone. This cell phone is nicccccccce, sleek, touch screen, keyboard, mp3, video, calendar, etc............. Far from the Side Kick 3.

My daughter sold me her Side Kick 3. (daddy helping out). I thought I was blowing up! A couple months later, I realized that I was in trouble. The pivot screen was too much.

Most of my friends are using the Black Berry models. Don't get me wrong. I used my Side kick. I took it to Norway, East Coast and West Coast. It didn't do so good in Lofoten Islands, Norway. Do not get you cell phone wet! See video!!

Hurry we need a water proof cell phone!

You saw the video. I survived! Next month, my contract will allow me to get a new cell phone and you know what I'm getting. The New G1!

I can't wait!

Chris Swann the Viking Warrior