Henman-Bevilacqua B4

Chris and Marco

HenBev B4 is a really nice bass! I'm very excited to have my own. I’m having lots of fun with the B4. I’m enjoying the style. The color of the bass is swamp ash, so it looks good on stage. It really stands out, especially the aluminum bridge bell cover guard and the HB logo. If you are watching the show from the back row this bass really stands out.

Chris Swann and the B4

The HenBev B4 is well balanced bass guitar. It feels good in my hands and the strap is not digging in my neck. With this bass, I’m not fighting with top heavy weight. I move around a lot on stage, so I need the bass guitar to holds its position.

Scotty Bevilacqua is a Master Luther. Scotty brought another dimension to my bass playing. The turning keys are well made. Scotty’s fret board is insane, 24 nickel silver frets handcrafted. I didn’t know you could get the strings any closer to the fret board. One thing I like about Scotty, if you have any problems he’ll dialed in the B4.

The electronics for the B4 is EMG HZ passive pickups and 2 master volume and one master tone pot. I like my aluminum pick guards. You can get it with a pick guard or with out. I didn’t tell you I use AMPEG SVT 4 Pro to push my bass sound. I like it!

Thanks HenBev

Chris Swann
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