Big Bang Method

Big Bang Method just hit the west coast.  This is a rocking instrumental album.  Boom!!! These guys are putting it down.   Dave Gladding on drums, Guthrie Mathews on guitar and Jim Loretangeli on bass guitar .  Good job fellas, I can here there  music on TV, Movies, Exteme Sports videos. 

The music is hitting, that's what I said!  It's so cool to see and hear musicians mastering their instruments.  Funky, rockin and quick with the hands.  Dave's snappy, hand technique  is holding it down.  Cool  beats, no samples.  Pure human being on the drum kit.    Don't get me wrong, I like programmed beats.  It's good to hear a drummer keeping the beat tight and right.  Wow!

Screaming, ripping, shredding out of this world guitarist, he's pretty damn good.  You gotta hear Guthrie, he is playing like he's born again. The melodic riffs, he's killing it.  Each song is well  thought out.  The patterns, the tones and dynamics.  Cool.  They worked hard on this album.  Way to go dudes!  Very good Album 

And don't forget Jim laying the bass lines.  Keeping everybody together.  Like at the dinner table.  Nice grooves, some jazz runs, funky stuff and the solo was tight.   His fretless bass guitar sounds good on this album.  I hope to hear more in the future.  You're Banging!

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Good job fellas