Ocean Aid Awareness

Here we are a couple years later! Ocean Aid sponsored a multimedia, music and video tour world wide. They provided Planet Earth Awareness to the community. This was a big effort. So, with all this environmental awareness they needed some key players. Tom Curren- 3 Time World Surf Champion, Sonny Miller-Cinema Film Photographer and brain child of The Search, Chris Swann-Composer and Bass Funk Master. The name of the band is Ocean Aid Band with Tom Curren, Chris Swann, Sonny Miller, Marco Wood and friends. We toured various surf spots, arena's, surf shops, concert halls and clubs, we visited radio stations and appeared on MTV. We risked our lives in unchartered waters, we provided people with literature and facts about our Planet Earth. We had so much fun surfing and playing music. Thanks to those that helped!
The Search is on...

Love ya