The Power of Polite Fund Raiser

Our Story

I am a Lifestyle & Etiquette Expert and I've vowed to take on bad manners one person at a time. I present workshops and seminars to a number of various groups and organizations. My first book Girls Have Style tackled issues that tween/teen girls face everyday at school. It is currently available for purchase on our website,, Barnes&, and Kindle.

Now this next book "THE POWER OF POLITE – How to Get What You Want, Get Your Point Across, and Gently Put Rude People in Their Place” will deal with everyday challenges for adult men and women. We are raising funds to publish the book from start to finish.  It too will be available for purchase on our website,, Barnes&, and Kindle.


The Power of Polite Movement

Whether it’s business, family or personal relationships at some point in time or another we are all faced with that ‘what to do moment” This book gives you a road map on how to handle those awkward social situations.  We want to help people get through those challenging moments. So we're starting a movement! We're asking folks to join in to help get this next book published. And become a part of something our modern society desperately needs - Better Manners! And with your help we can do it!

What We Need & What You Get

Through our publishing company we will hire all of the players that will go into the production of the book. This includes the editor, cover designer, interior designer, book printer, and more. They are all local business owners and professionals in the San Diego area. So your generosity will also help small business thrive and flourish. We’ll need to launch and promote the book as well. So part of the funding will go towards marketing the book to make it a great success. Now if we don’t reach our full goal our plan B is to still hire an editor, because that’s very crucial, and then release the book in digital format. It will be distributed as an e-book on Kindle and other platforms. We will allow proceeds from the e-book work our way towards the production of a hard cover book.

We’ve got some great perks to thank you for your support. Starting with having your name listed on our website to one of our many etiquette-inspired products, books, and services.  How about a nice wallet-sized table setting card? Great for those times when you are at a table full of dinnerware and you need a little reminder. Or, how would you like a set of stationery from our signature line? We'll mail a set directly to you. Would you like a signed copy of the new book BEFORE it goes on sale? It will arrive on your doorstep before it hits the market. Would you like to have me speak to your group or organization? I’ll do it for free! Travel is not included but we can work out the details. The bottom line is we would be so grateful for your help. It's grass-roots movements like this that help American businesses thrive.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to contribute monetarily, that's perfectly fine. You can still join the movement and help get the word out by passing this along to others. We've got some simple  tools to make sharing easy. And if you do we'll still give you a great shout out and let the world know we thank and appreciate you.