I've been collecting bass guitars since 1975. My dad bought me my first lime green guitar with a tremolo bar. That was a life changing moment for me. I don't know what drives me to collect these instruments but what I do know they look cool and they sound awesome.

                       Ventura and B4

                       Ventura and B4

These two bass guitars are gifts. The Ventura Bass guitar the one that looks like a Les Paul is a gift from Tom Curren, Three Time World Champion Surfer.  Tom and I are best friends and we write music together and we are signed to the same record label. The Ventura bass has been good to me. I've played it on a few recordings and a couple of music videos. I don't know how long I have before it becomes a show piece but for now I'm rockin out on my grit master.

Now, lets talk about the Beast. The HenBev B4 is a gift from Scotty Bevilacqua. On a real note, I'm sponsored. The B4 is the hottest bass I own. It has the latest technology.  The neck is custom, custom headstock, EMG pickups and custom chrome accessories. This bass guitar is built to last. So far, I have taken it on tour as far as Lofoton Islands of Norway and to the North Shores of Oahu. This bass guitar has seen it all and it delivers the punch with my 8x10 / 410 Pro AMPEG.

This is a good feeling to know my passion for the bass guitar has not settled. And it's a good time in my life to know just around the corner there will be something better.