Chris Swann
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Chris Swann
Musician | Singer | Songwriter | Composer


Chris Swann
Musician, Singer, Composer, Song Writer


Chris Swann is best known as the bass player for Tom Curren a 3-time world champion surfer. Swann’s playing style on electric and acoustic bass is mixing slapping, strumming, whammy bar bends, finger picking.

A Washington, D.C. native, Swann first began playing go-go music, but when he was introduced to Led Zeppelin and Rush he developed an affinity for rock and roll. Added to the list of genres,  he dabbles in folk, R&B, funk, rock, punk and surf rock.

Mighty Big Richard (MBR), Swann’s previous band, was rooted in high-energy funk rock. Swann has opened up for Jimmy Buffet, Switchfoot and Jason Mraz, and played bass with punk rock band Pennywise. In the process, he has traveled all over the United States playing renowned venues like The Fillmore and The Orpheum Theatre. Swann’s musical journey has also taken him to France, Norway, Brazil, Canada and Kenya.

When he’s not touring with the Tom Curren Band,  or Egyptian Acid Rock, Swann  is composing scores for TV, Film and extreme sports projects. Most notably, his music was featured Rip Curl’s surf documentary, The Search, and A Date with Anna, following tennis player Anna Kournikova’s calendar shoot in Mexico, distributed by Lionsgate and ESPN.


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Music for life

Music for life


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Through the good and the bad, music alway has been by my side.

Chris Swann “Music for Life”.